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Biological Diversity

Biological Diversity or Biodiversity refers to the wealth of life on earth, the millions of plants, animals, and micro-organisms, their genes and the relationships they build into the living environment.

photograph image of field of wild flowers

The richness and variety of nature is probably the greatest wonder of the world. There is huge variety in nature, from the smallest plankton to the largest whale and from dull lichens to massive Redwood trees.
Facts about loss of diversity

They each have their part to play. They are not competing with each other all the time, but depend on each other for providing their habitat.

It is presumed that the more variety there is, the more likely it is that nature can respond to any challenges that may arise, and keep balance and maintain order.

As we are not sure what may happen in the future, it is better to preserve as many options as possible.

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Business and Biodiversity

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