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Welcome to the on-line
Environmental Practitioner Programme™

Are looking to improve your environmental skills?

Do you need an environmental resource with access to a range of up to date information to help you at work?

Are you a trainer or environmental manager, who needs a training toolkit?

This programme of over 800 screens contains information on a wide range of environmental topics relevant to workplaces, interactive tasks for completion at work, links to other web sites, facts & quizes.

The EP@W Environmental Practitioner Programme responds to the Declaration of the World Health Organisation 3rd Ministerial Conference on Health & Environment
to implement environmental practice.

Full text http://www.who.dk/Document/E69046.pdf

This programme will take you on a journey of discovery through 3 units,
you will:

Find out about the relationship between the global impacts and your workplace

The Big Environmental Issues

Develop environmental risk assessment skills, check workplace performance, contribute to indicators and targets

Graphic Link: Click here to go to Measuring Environmental Performance

Explore and use principles of environmental practice and tools for improvement

Graphic Link: Click here to go to Putting Principles into Practice

We suggest you try this 10 minute tour to help you find out about the programme

Start the journey to

Graphic Link: Click here to go to Become an Environmental Practitioner


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