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Learning Outcomes
At the end of this activity, you should be able to

  • Carry out an eco audit
  • Describe your organisation's current environmental performance
  • Benchmark your organisation

Assessment Criteria
To demonstrate competence, you should have
· An eco-audit
· Benchmark Measure
· Description of environmental performance

Task 1:

Carry out the plant marking exercise below.
Tick box which fits your workplace best for each criterion.


Score 1 Nothing 2 Aware 3 Practice 4 Advanced 5 Full Marks
1 Paper No recycling Some bins for paper Bins for different waste - misused Full recycling scheme operating Purchase policy - Dioxin free Sustainable Forests
2 Are there any waste skips What skips? Skips outside Skips with segregated waste Skips collected only when full Collection by company committed to recycling
3 Heat Conversation Nothing Doors kept shut Pipes Lagged Plant monitored Energy Management Team
4 Is Energy efficiently used Don't know Quarterly monitoring Specific measuring and monitoring Energy targets Full Energy management programme
5 Air Contamination Local Nuisance - smell, noise or dust End of Pipe technologies fitted E o P technologies kept clean Attempts to reduce emissions Full programme of Cleaner production
6 Water Conservation Taps left dripping Doggies in cisterns Controlled flushes Each dept with meters Targets set for water reduction
7 Do you prevent water contamination Prosecuted in last year Comply with legislation Drains and pipes properly marked Kits, bunds and procedures in place Everybody trained in all emergency procedures
8 Land Litter Litter bins used & emptied regularly Some attempt to improve site Landscaped Wildlife encouraged
9 Lighting Lights left on Notices & requests People do switch lights off Timed light switches Targets set and achieved
10 Food No food provided Machines Canteen
"Home" cooking
Local & Organic food
11 Is there a transport policy No Less mileage allowance for larger cars Car sharing Efficient route planning transport Policy with alternative considerations
12 Who takes up environmental issues? Nobody Environmental Champions Environmental Specialists trade Union HS&E Reps Whole workforce with environmental responsibilities defined.

Task 2:

Allocate the following numbers for each tick

Score Allocations:
1 for Nothing 2 for Aware 3 for Practice 4 for Advanced 5 for Full Marks

Overall evaluation of your workplace or organisation is:

Task 3

Compare your final score with each of these benchmarks:  

15 - 20 Getting started
20 - 30 Becoming Aware
30 - 40 Starting to do something
40 - 50 Well on with Environmental Practice
50 - 60 Total Environmental Organisation

Task 4 Describe your workplace environmental performance, using the benchmark descriptions as a guide.

Allow 1 hour (maximum) to complete these actions.

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