Risk Assessment
Hazards - Impacts

What is Environmental Risk @ Work?

Everything we do at work impacts on the environment. From making a cup of tea that starts life 1000s of miles away, to brningfossil fuels to make light. Not all impacts are negative (unlike hazards) as some impacts can be beneficial fo rthe environment - eg growing trees is pretty well always good for environment - because they absorb CO2 and look after the land stopping erosion and rapid water runoff...god ofr all L, A  W.

Embracing risk is seen as the way to create wealth in a modern economy. The present government wants to "move to a risk-based rather a universal inspection system" - see Gordon Brown's statement

Now Head of Modern Regulations at Environmental Agency thinks the same for the Environment..Link.ie not a matter of specific regulations but risk assessing the impacts. There is not such a clear responsibility on employers re environment as there is re H&S. A reasonable approximation is that employers should take care for the environmenta in terms of what hey bring in andwhat goes on, and that duty of care is pselt out legally rearding how tyhye get rid of their waste.

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