Learning Outcomes

At the end of this activity, you will be able to

· Chart the main activities of your the organisation

· Recognise what goes in, on and out of your organisation

Assessment Criteria

You will

· Identify inputs, including raw materials, energy, components, water, food.

· Describe processes such as manufacturing activities, support, services

· Define outputs, including solid waste, emissions, discharges, products, packaging, transport.


Draw an annotated diagram indicating what goes:

Into your organisation (Inputs)

On inside (Processes)

Out (Outputs to the land, air and water - and people)
Draw here...

Make sure that you cover in your description all of the following:

Inputs (Raw materials, energy, components, water, food.)

Processes (Manufacturing activities, support, services)

Outputs (Solid waste, emissions, discharges, products, packaging, transport)


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Environmental Risk Assessment Level 3