Health Environment Safety & Social

Management in Enterprises (HESSME)


HESSME was developed for the World Health Organisation (WHO) European Regional Office of 'Healthy Workplaces' by EP@W. We have permission to host this site - minus the WHO logo. You can visit the identical website at the International HESSME site, located in Poland and linked with the WHO Regional Office for Europe, Healthy Workplaces

This FREE Web-based "Work Wellbeing" Guide will assist:

* Employers and managers of all type of enterprises
* Trade Unions and employees and their representatives
* All other stakeholders in 'health at work'

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The Workplace Wellbeing Guide will help organisations, especially small ones, to meet the EHS challenges of the next few years as identified by leading global consultants.

The HESSME Web Guide was prepared by
Dr Charles Clutterbuck,
Director of EPaW Publishing Ltd
(while Temporary Adviser to WHO)

Dr Boguslaw Baranski
(then) Regional Advisor, Healthy Workplaces WHO Regional Office for Europe

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