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NEW!!! FREE!!!! OCT 2008

E-learning materials to conform to the Level 2 H&S qualification in Agriculture/Horticulture

This Level 2 qualification is part of a suite of H&S qualifications for Agriculture/Horticulture.

Farmers and farmworkers worked together with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE, Agriculture) to produce a "strategic agreement" for farm employees to demonstrate competence in health and safety that lead to a suite of 3 qualifications:

The three levels at work correspond to
Managers (level 4) (
QCA accredits management h&s qualification for agriculture and horticulture Spring 2007),
Autonomous workers (3 H&S Agric/Hortic) and
Supervised workers (2 H&S Agric/Hortic).

Follow the farmworkers' steps. The results of this exercise should be applicable for all small businesses, and there are now several other VRQs related to health and safety. For more see Health & Safety Practices Programmes.

The H&S Site also carries a daily update of health and safety news from around the world.

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