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School Meals - Well done St Jamie!
Jamie Oliver's "No Junk Food" campaign  should get guts moving! It will need New learning  for caterers and education for parents, students and teachers... 
Follow Scotland's
Hunger for Success or 
Carmarthenshire (pdf)..  
Check our sustainablefood.com site  (news) for regular updates. There is talk about a VQ for caterers, and the Community Food Enterprise are launching a nationally recognised award (via NOCN) for Community Food Workers in late May at the Houses of Parliament..keep an eye on www.sustainablefood.com for more progress. 

 UK  Government launched another  sustainable action plan "Securing the Future ", while UN launch a decade of Education for SD

Trade Unions and Environment  Education materials

 Envirowise have published the education materials developed under the asupices of TUSDAC. They are available in pdf at  (awaiting) ...where you can see who were the contributors...