IMPACTS - Special "Sustainable Food" Edition
Autumn 2006
Welcome to Impacts the Environmental Practice @ Work quarterly bulletin - featuring 'sustainable' food, as we are finding there is a lot of interest in food and sustainability.  

Online Pesticide Guides
We have been developing online Pesticide Guides for use by suppliers to two major retailers, contributing to their score in Greening Supermarkets. This report from the National Consumer Council rates the top eight UK supermarkets on their environmental credentials. 

Sustainable Use of Pesticides - new EU Directive/Regulation requires all Member States to establish national action plans and create a system of awareness-raising and training of all professional users, that includes integrated pest managmenet and organic principles.

TUC Congress (Motion 43 passed)  urged Congress to: "promote healthy eating campaigns through workplaces to benefit the health of workers and to support them in guiding their children". Perhaps the Trade Union and Environment Courses this autumn may want to play a part?

Some useful sites: Calculate food miles , How Green is your Diet  &  Farm Subsidy. Farm subsidy lets you find out who gets what from the European Union Common Agricultural Policy. You can find out how much a local farm, the biggest farm, and manfacturers get. It helps answer the questionnaire below...

Google "No 1" !
You can find these sites, recent reports and much more on our Sustainable Food @ Work Site. If you Google for "sustainable food", look who is no 1 out of 779,000 hits!

Here, there is a free version of our Sustainable Food Guide, which sets up a sustainable food system - like a quality system, for you at work. There is also an updated subscription version with permissible copy/paste functions. And, checkout the Sustainable Food News.

We have developed an amazing new capacity - an online database. While it may feel like one of our quizes (eg Protected Foodthe answers go into this online database. Answers can be put in in the middle of a field and interrogated from afar. This database can connect to any of our exisiting programmes (inc CSR below) so that any organisation can collect responses from employees. You could use this online system to monitor, measure and demonstrate improvements with anything from bottles recylced, ethical trading to saving carbon emissions.  Try it out - with a simple food questionnaire.

Our new site on CSR is based on the World Bank Standards for Social and Environmental Sustainability. We are interpreting this to indicate more clearly what WB says, so if you are interested in following and commenting on progress, please contact us 

Visit us at for more on environmental, and sustainable issues Have a look at our complete product brochure  For more about Sustainable Food visit us at
How to conform to training requirements of an Environmental Management System
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