IMPACTS   Xmas  2004
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Dear Contact,

We hope you have had a good year and looking forward to the next. Here are 3 or 4 issues that may interest you.   

Trade Unions and the Environment

The government's Trade Union Sustainable Development Advisory Committee, supported by Envirowise and the TUC, is organising a free Conference called "GreenWorks". There will be a couple of Ministers to help explore trade unions role, particularly in manufacturing, in dealing with Climate Change This follows a recent survey by Prospect Union (pdf) showing that the three main environmental issues unions are taking up at work are recycling, energy efficiency and waste minimisation. Make a date in your diary 7 March 2005 @ Congress House & keep your eye on Sustainable Workplace site for latest.

New Vocational Qualification

The Awarding Body EAL have produced a new vocational qualification for people at work with responsibilities for Health & Safety...and Environment There are 8 units for people to demonstrate competence, including developing and monitoring procedures, conducting an assessment of risks in the workplace and ensuring their own actions protect the environment If you want to demonstrate you are competent to national standards to carry out a risk assessment - this is the way to do it and EAL offer a certificate.
For more details contact customercare@eal.org.uk

These units of competence are based on the National Occupational Standards for H&S of the Employment NTO. For more about how these new skills fit sustainability skills matrix...check our home page and click "Skills matrix".  If anybody wants e-learning programmes to provide evidence for these units, please contact us.

Follow how the TGWU farmworkers and farmers have developed these standards with the HSE for small organisations.

Hazards v Impacts
We are devloping an explanation of the differences between "Hazards" and "Impacts", words that are often bandied about with little thought what they really meanLet us know if you find this helpful or open up a debate on our discussion board 
Charlie further developed the analysis as part of his evidence to the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution report on spraying pesticides on bystanders.


Who has helped and hindered sustainable production this year? Try out our xmas quiz  and enter our prize competition.