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We have been developing an exciting range of on-line programmes that help improve environmental, ethical and health performance within organisations.

Sustainable Food Site - Help us into Google Top Ten!
We have got www.sustainablefood.com into Google Top 20 (!!!) To get higher we need external links in. There are tons of free information and links to sustainable food connections, to enable and guide people to develop more sustainable food. There will always be a version of the Guide (v2 updated to Sept 30 2005), with some functions disabled, freely available. We want to make enough money to keep it updated through a subscription system, that will help us avoid sponsorship. So we would like others to link into sustainablefood.com to up our traffic. Many thanks! If you think your site has information relelvant to our Sustainable Food Site & Guide and would also benefit from a link please contact our webmaster at info@epaw.co.uk

Portsmouth University
Are using our Environmental Practitioner Programme, designed to help people at work reduce environmental impacts and improve company performance. Their Environmental Management course now have a dedicated page on our site to guide their students through a whole series of learning opportunities about the environment at work. www.epaw.co.uk/portsmouth.html

For your students and training programmes to benefit from using this and similar resources contact us for details.

Ethical Sourcing On-line.
We have developed an online toolkit for the Co-operative Group (CWS) in order that their suppliers can find out what their responsibilities are to ethical trading and to demonstrate their conformance with the Co-op standards and codes. This involves suppliers completing online assessments. We have now completed UK, African and Spanish versions.

We would be pleased to discuss your requirements for authoring and hosting on-line programmes within the environmental & sustainable development sector.

Agricultural Health & Safety Vocational Qualifications
LANTRA are due to announce their new Vocationally Related Qualifications in Health and Safety for agriculture and horticulture. Our director, Dr Charlie Clutterbuck, was part of the HSE committee that promoted their development as a way to improve health & safety culture on farms. For more information visit us at: www.healthandsafetypractices.co.uk

Pesticides & Paradigms
The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution's latest report is very critical of the present control of pesticides, particularly in relation to residents near spraying. We have opened up a "Pesticide Blog" to help develop responses. At present this is in a protected folder. If you would like to find out what is going and contribute to the debate, please contact us for passwords in order to access: www.sustainablefood.com/feed