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We want sustainability skills throughout the food chain!

The Education Minister announced a voluntary VQ for "dinner ladies" on June 1. We want qualifications for all those in the food chain - including managers, suppliers, manufacturing & farmworkers. Jamie Oliver's "No Junk Food" campaign got things moving. Front runners include Scotland's Hungry for Success & Carmarthenshire ( pdf).

Check our sustainable food site for regular updates and particularly for the skills agenda. Community Food Enterprise launched a nationally recognised award (via NOCN) for Community Food Workers in late May.

Check out the new innovative learning tool- Sustainable Food Programme

Trade Unions and Environment Education materials Envirowise have published Environmental Educational materials for trade unions (pdf - tutors and students register for free) developed with TUSDAC.....where you can see who was a contributor..... There is also a new set of courses (at levels 1, 2 & 3) accredited by NOCN for trade union reps to "develop a trade union approach to sustainable development".

Sustainable or Sustainababble? UK Government launched another sustainable action plan "Securing the Future", while UN launch a decade of Education for SD. And if you want to 'sign up' to the 3000 strong network of people interested in sustainable development, go to SD Commission.