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The UK government is carrying out a major promotion to encourage the public sector to provide "millions of sustainable meals". The UK government launched in 2003 its Sustainable Food Procurement Initiative. This initiative is designed to help the public sector "to promote public procurement of food that supports delivery of the Government's Sustainable Farming and Food Strategy for England". They want to encourage public sector "to procure food in a manner that promotes sustainable development and does not discriminate against local and UK suppliers". The UK government wants buyers and their internal customers to use the £1.8 billion buying power of food and catering services to help deliver the principle aims of the Government's Sustainable Farming and Food Strategy.

Charlie has been appointed to the Food Ethics Council at the end of 2006. Food Ethics Council spells out Six challenges for the future of farming and food - some of the stickiest questions facing farm policy in the run up to further CAP reforms. This links to an online debate about the future of food and farming at Sustainable Development Commission

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