What is a CASBO?
Corporate Social Responsibility is an emerging tool to deal with the planet’s problems in a social, environmental and economic way. There are many guides for reporting (eg GRI) and standards set out by World Bank. However, while these are rewarding, there also needs to be measures to deal with those companies who are not showing any social responsibility. We have come up with the idea of issuing “Anti-Social” Orders on bad corporations/companies. These could be based on the equivalents of ASBOs (Anti Social Behaviour Orders) which are issued to persistent bad behaviour in UK communities.

Using the ASBO guidelines, this is what Corporate ASBOs could look like.

(below extracted from the Guidelines in Crime Reduction UK)
Corporate ASBO
Anti-social behaviour has a wide legal definition – to paraphrase the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, it is behaviour which causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more people who are not in the same household as the perpetrator. Among the forms it can take are: Behaviour by executives or company culture that “causes harassment, alarm or distress to communities who are not in control of companies’ actions.”

CASBOs can take the following forms:

* Graffiti – which can on its own make even the tidiest urban spaces look squalid
* Abusive and intimidating language, too often directed at minorities
* Excessive noise, particularly late at night
* Fouling the street with litter
* Drunken behaviour in the streets, and the mess it creates
* Dealing drugs, with all the problems to which it gives rise.
* Polluting environment causing others to “Clean up”
* Ignoring international labour conventions
* Not controlling hazards at work· Damaging local communities
* Extracting resources without proper recompense, and the mess it creates.
* Dealing in the Arms trade, with all the problems to which this gives rise.
All these are issues which concern everyone in the community. They cannot be written off as generational issues – they impact on the quality of life of young and old alike. And they require a response which puts partnership into action. All these are issues which concern everybody on the planet. They cannot be sorted or solved by market forces, as they often impact mostly on the poor. They require a response where partnership is needed to provide a more sustainable future.
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