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Environmental Effectiveness at Work

The government's 'Action Energy' (previously Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme) in conjunction with the Sector Skills Council: Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies Alliance (SEMTA) and its Awarding Body (EAL) produced an Award called for Environmental Effectivenessk.

The Environmental Effectiveness Award is vocational level 2, for people working in teams. It was produced originally as a response to the Climate Change Levy to encourage people to make suggestions for reducing energy use. later it was widened to cover all environmental aspects. More about Environmental Effectiveness Award from EAL (pdf p 51)

Training providers should contact EAL for details concerning offering this Award.

Learning Outcomes

Candidates identify opportunities to use work practices that lessen the impact on the environment. They also encourage others in their workplace to adopt work practices that lessen impacts, and promote environmentally responsible work practices.

EP@W Ltd authored the Environmental Effectiveness Workbook on behalf of the Government's 'Action Energy'.

Read it online here..Environmental Effectiveness Workbook
Environmental Effectiveness Workbook

This contains a series of workplace activities with supporting text to help candidates demonstrate their competence to the level 2 award.

Training providers can order copies of the EE Workbook through Epaw Ltd

EP@W Ltd acted as advisor and helped conduct a pilot of the EE Award in the NW of England on behalf of Action Energy.

Details of Pilot in a dozen NW companies...

Read the report here ..
Environmental Effectiveness

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Environmental Effectiveness

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