Environmental Culture and Practice......
Every organisation has its own unique culture even though they may not have consciously tried to create it. This culture influences the decision-making processes, the styles of management and what everyone determines as success. This influences the way they adopt enironmental measures, which in turn can affect the culture of an organisation.

What is "environmental culture"? A common sense definition is "The way we do things for the environment around here", although it may be better to regard culture as referring to the shared assumptions, beliefs, values and norms, actions as well as artifacts and language patterns. More on organisational culture.

You can develop a range of activities to promote an improved environmental culture at work that:

  • Tap into, and turn on the most valuable resource to help protect the environment...people
  • Encourage people to work together to improve social, environmental and economic performance
  • Learn by 'doing' and develop skills for sustainability...
Organisatonal Culture
At EP@W, we rely on the UK's National Vocational Learning Framework to determine the sorts of tasks people can do for the environment at all levels in an organisation.

Environmental Practice e-learning support programmes are found under left-hand buttons, and all are based on "Learning by Doing". People at work can carry out a range of tasks to improve sustainability, and learn at the same time! We tailor our programmes to fit either national skills, or international systems and standards.

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