Winter 2007

Dear Contact,

Winter seems to have arrived - we have had the first flurry of snow, the shortest day is in sight and Christmas just around the corner....

The UN Climate Change Conference in Bali is just ending and although the international agreement reached was disappointing in not setting targets, the EU had to drop their requirement for binding emissions of 40% by 2020 (thanks predominently to the USA). On a positive note there is international concensus that emissions of carbon and other greenhouse gases must be drastically cut. Talks will continue over the next two years to agree a 'roadmap' beyond the Kyoto Protocol. Latest on Bali.

Our contribution to help organisations with greenhouse gas reduction is our new site Carbon Counter . The launched in November was entheusiastically attended. After an introduction by Dr Charlie Clutterbuck participants explored the site, gave very useful feedback - an enjoyable evening with good food and great company saw the site off to a good start. Thank you to all who attended.

For more details of how the site, and its toolkit, may benefit your organisation Mail us 

We have added a
Christmas Carbon Footprint Game for you to puzzle over whilst planning your festivities

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graphic:link to sustainable food home Sustainable Food.
We are continuing to add international food news to the bulletin board and further develop the Guide. New sections, dedicated to fertilsers and ethical , are currently being added.

Mad About Food - this week BBC News is exploring the global food supply chain and its impact on the environment - on TV, radio and online
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Health & Safety Practices 
The International Union of Foodworkers commisssioned Dr Charlie Clutterbuck, our Director, to develop a vocational learning programme for use by the International Union of Agricultural Workers on pesticide risk reduction. This programme maps out the skills required at levels 2 (members), 3 (representatives) and 4 (managers) and provides supporting text and activities in line with good health and safety practices and the principles of sustainable use of pesticides.

LANTRA (land based skills body) commissioned an on-line programme for agriculture and horticulture workers to support their Level 3 Health and Safety qualification. This SCORM compliant programme has been designed to facilitate on-line assessment. Check out the 'Landworker' article "The long wait for new qualifications scheme is over. A groundbreaking set of health and safety qualifications has been designed for agricultural and horticultural workers, union reps, supervisors and managers. Members can sign up for them through agricultural and other colleges" .... "but study at home with materials and on-line back-up".

H&S Home

EPAW - what we have been up to:

We continue to work closely with the Co-operative Group expanding our on-line Pesticide Reduction Toolkit to include as well as their growers and fresh produce suppliers, ready-meal manufacturers and fresh flower & horticultural suppliers. Working closely with these suppliers the Co-operative Pesticide Programme aims to help all suppliers conform to the Co-op Code of Practice for Pesticide Reduction, whilst providing suppliers with accurate and up to date information. Suppliers records logged into our dedicated database provide the Co-operative Group with relevant information and complete transparency to respond to consumer concerns and other external and audit requirements.

J. Sainsbury have renewed their hosting agreement with us for the Pesticide Programme we built for them in 2006. Linked to our database this programme audits suppliers management of their pesticide use.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and every success in 2008