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Working together to develop environmental standards for a sustainable future.

EP@W has been asked by the Learning and Skills Council (Greater Manchester) to help put together a project to develop and deliver environmental and sustainable skills for the North West. A cross section of organisations from the Environmental Technology and Services Sector representing business, learning and the environment will be working together.

The aim is to develop standards for environmental skills in the workplace against which awards and qualifications can be set.

Responding to the demand side and guided by national bodies including Sector Skills Councils, the Qualifications Curriculum Authority, The Environment Agency and Action Energy the initiative will provide a model for other sectors.


  • Develop a strategically agreed set of environmental vocational standards
  • Develop awards and qualifications based on these standards for environmental and sustainability skills
  • Work with Sector Skills Councils, the Qualifications Curriculum Authority and awarding bodies for accreditation of awards and qualifications
  • Develop the environmental capacity of Vocational Assessors and Verifiers
  • Pilot awards and qualifications within the North West
  • Trial on-line innovative methods of delivery
  • In conhunction with Action Energy - Carbon Trust develop a set of indicators (EPIs OPIs and MPIs), together with methods for measuring, in order to evaluate performance of workplace learning and the associated environmental benefits.

This initiative will help to turn the Action Plan for Sustainable Development and Skills into practice - and thereby move towards a more sustainable future.

For further information and if you would like to be associated with this initiative contact either Dr Charlie Clutterbuck or Nancy Thompson at info@epaw.co.uk Tel:+44 (0)1254 381289

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September 23rd 2003
Charles Clarke MP, Secretary of State for Education & Skills, revealed the Action Plan for Sustainable Development in Education and Skills.

“…this is not a strategy but a plan for action. We need to embrace sustainable development across the education system so that best practice becomes common practice. Not as a bureaucratic add-on but as an integral part of the skills development of this country and its economy.”

The Sector Skills Councils and Sector Skills Development Agency are tasked with making sustainable development a priority and addressing the generic skills, and sector specific skills, required to implement sustainable technologies and practices.

The four objectives of the plan aim to drive sustainable development throughout all aspects of the education system: from skills and curriculum development, to reducing impacts of education establishments and linking sustainable education with community capacity building. The Action Plan emphasises the "critical importance of partnership" throughout.

The Sustainable Development Action Plan for Education and Skills is available at www.dfes.gov.uk/sd/

Several Skills Councils are setting up a group to determine the competencies required to deliver healthy food on farm through to the fork. May 2005.

Contact us for further details of this ongoing work.