Environmental Practice @ Work
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Mission Statement...

EP@W is an independent company set up to directly support people at work who want to co-operate in promoting work practices that improve environmental performance.

Our mission is:

  • To turn complex environmental and sustainable development issues into practical solutions.
  • To promote improved environmental practices by developing employee skills across all industry sectors.

We achieve our mission based on the following:

Underlying Principles, that inform all our programmes, are based on best practices in organisations with good environmental, health and safety, quality and sustainable development performance.

Electronic Delivery that uses fewer environmental resources, reaches regions other methods can’t, and involves people who may otherwise be excluded.

Education and Skills to help people develop their capacity to fulfill key new roles and responsibilities in building the transition to a more sustainable future.

Working in Partnership, a key element of sustainable development, enables people at work to link with external organisations and for us to work with others promoting improvements.

Campaigning for people to be recognised for their achievements with appropriate nationally recognised awards and qualifications.

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