Co-operative Retail place great emphasis on the quality of our produce - against the background of concerns being raised over the use of pesticides, agricultural chemicals, sewage sludge and farmyard waste. This online Code of Practice aims to help deliver this quality, by providing support and a framework to implement, develop and improve standards now and in the future.  

This online Code is to help Suppliers, Co-operative Managers and Representatives, Manufacturers, Growers and Agronomists work together - cooperatively, in reducing pesticide use.

The Co-operative Retail Code aims to:

1 Provide Customer satisfaction.
2 Produce Quality that reflects our brand position and aims.
3 Sustained and consistent quality standards including Co-operative Retail's pledge: 
"to be at the forefront of pesticide reduction" 

This Online Co-operative Retail online Code of Practice:

Give assistance to people “at the sharp end” to put the Code into Practice
Offer advise to growers, suppliers and agronomists
Help suppliers and growers reap the benefits of improved performance
Provides opportunity for your feedback and comments
Work together to encourage best practices for reducing pesticide use.

Graphic:Co-op shop window

Benefits of improved performance:

The Co-operative Retail will help growers, by offering assistance and advise to put the Pesticide Code into practice. We believe in working together to help you achieve the following benefits:
Reduce production costs; Improve Health and Safety; Better relation with neighbours; Become a better supplier.

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