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Comparison of pesticide use in 4 EU countries ENDURE for Durable Use of Crop Protection Strategies



Caifornia re-evaluate Imidacloprid as higher levels than expected found

Co-operative Retail "Plan Bee" bans 8 nicotinide pesticides

Pest Management Science (Risk Assessment for bees)


EPA to screen 67 pesticides for endocrine action

Water Directive may cause greater pesticide losses than EU Sustainable Pesticides

Water Framework Directive


PSD to be replaced by Chemical Regulation Directorate to include REACH, labelling and packaging of chemicals. PAN's List of Lists
February Sodium Chlorate and Sulphuric Acid withdrawn from June 2010


New EU Pesticide Laws...

MEPs vote for Sustainable Use of Pesticides

Welcomed by European Crop Protection Association

Nature's explanation clearest

Farm Chemicals International says it may ban a few pesticides, but approvals will be easier.

National Farmers Union’s: and Pesticides Action Network-UK

Georgina Downs case

No decision on DEFRA Appeal

Georgina Downs wins case against DEFRA to control sprays better

Full Judgement

DEFRA appeal against Downs victory. and in 2009 win , but may be changes to spraying as a result

What 'our Charlie' had to say about the matter while on Advisory Committee on Pesticides (pdf)
EU Pesticides EU explain their pesticide position

EU Environment Committee votes through proposed changes

Farmers Weekly version

MEP says fears are unfounded.

PSD News on EU Thematic Strategy

Save our Sprays -
Farmers Weekly  Campaign

Assessment of "Cut-off Criteria" PSD Report on EU Regulation

BCPC Concerns about EU Regulation Conference

Pesticides (MRLs in Crops, Food and Feeding Stuffs) (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2008 S.I 665 Amended MRL's for deltamethrin came into force April 2008. Acetamiprid, indoxacarb, pendimethalin, pymetrozine, pyraclostrobin, thiacloprid and trifloxystrobin come into force June 2008 and imazalil September 2008. The regulation can be accessed Pi - Pesticide Information

to stimulate debate about pesticide use

by European Crop Protection Association

Clarification of the MRL that applies to Deltamethrin in Raspberries

France bans 30 major pesticides (list pdf) and more to follow. (Reuters Jan 30 '08). The Pesticides (Maximum Residue Levels in Crops, Food and Feeding Stuffs) (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2008 S.I 665
Limits of Pesticide Analysis (31st Jan 08) Pesticides in food underestimated This regulation provides amended MRL's for deltamethrin which came into force 9th April 2008. Acetamiprid, indoxacarb, pendimethalin, pymetrozine, pyraclostrobin, thiacloprid and trifloxystrobin to come into force on 15th June 2008 and imazalil to come info force 15th September 2008.
Amendments to MRLs; Withdrawal of Authorisations for methomyl & trifluralin The new EU Directive 'Sustainable Use of Pesticides'

!!! Click for Latest following the vote Oct 23 '07!!

EU farm Ministers dump targets and "no spray" zones. Dec 07

2007 EU Environment Committee votes for tougher rules on pesticides Sept 07 to improve protection of health and the environment, support farming, reduce animal testing and boost competition among pesticide manufacturers. Crop Protection Association says pesticide use down in 2006
Paraquat banned by EU Court(pdf).   Syngenta's response.

UK preparing Revocation Notices - PSD

Pesticide use on crops grown in the UK from CSL

Greening Supermarkets Annual Report from NCC 2006 2007 version

The UK government has no plans to introduce targets to reduce pesticide use 'across the board' (National Pesticide Strategy).

Pesticide scores awarded to major retailers GlobalGap takes over EuroGap
Daily Express April 07 - New Alert about Pesticides in Fruit There are proposals in the UK to introduce a pesticide tax. In order to demonstrate that this is not necessary, there is a Voluntary Inititiative developing improved pesticide control.

Farmers Weekly issue rules for pesticide use 2007 The Royal Commission Environmental Pollution Report (Sept 2005) investigated farm spraying and risks to residents and suggested there should be a "buffer zone" between spraying and residential properties. The Advisory Committee on Pestcides response includes a mention of one of our directors who considered that the Green Code (new edition published Feb 2006) should made more compulsory. UK Government response ignores Royal Commission's Report (July 2006).
BCPC handbook to help you spray within the law Update on EU Directive 91/414
But Food  Pesticide Residues slightly up in 2006
The EU Environment Committee endorses a wide-ranging strategy to cut down the use of plant protection products,