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STEP is an integrated holistic approach to improve environmental practice @ work, that considers not just technical proposals but organisation and social issues too. As its name suggests, it implies taking a step-by-step approach to turning principles into practice. STEP incorporates the main features of the principles, but requires you to bear in mind four overarching criteria when taking each step. STEP seeks to take account of social, technical, economic and other wider issues.

graphic: image of a footprint

First outline the main aim of you proposal. Pick something that you are able to do - however small it may appear. Examples may include:

  1. Get the drain covers painted, blue for storm drains, red for foul sewer
  2. Get more people to re-use paper or better still reduce the amount used
  3. Get bungs round storage containers.

But don't dash off just yet! Consider each of the following points as you build your proposal...

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