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Drive more visitors to your website through sponsorship of this unique
Environmental Practitioner Programme.

Since its launch on the world wide web in March 2002 the Environmental Practitioner Programme (EPP) has grown to become a much used tool in workplaces across Europe and particularly in the UK. Free for individuals to use at work as a resource and for their own professsional development the EPP is an up to the minute source of information on environmental issues.

Take advantage of the EPP to reach our users, people at work already concerned with, and making improvements to environmental practices in the workplace.

Benefits of sponsorship

Over 100 new users each month - that is 100+ more potential customers every month

Over 30,000 screen calls each month - your company image regularly viewed

EPP is linked to over 200 other web sites and portals - increased exposure for your company

EPP users are already commited to making environmental improvements in the workplace - your environmental profile and products are important to them

The Cost

For a limited period up to the 31st December 2002 we are offering to place your company logo with a link to your site from any one of our quiz screens for a period of 12 months for £250.00 + VAT

Contact Environmental Practice @ Work Publishing Co Ltd for more details

Sponsoring of other sections of the Environmental Practitioner Programme available, details on request.

About the Environmental Practitioner Programme

The best way to discover the Environmental Practitioner Programme is to try it out, take a 10 minute tour, use the internal search engine and site map to discover how the EPP:

  • Supports people in the workplace
  • Is a comprehensive source for all things environmental
  • Acts as a portal for environmental information on the www
  • Builds the skills of people at work
  • Helps lessen environmental impacts at work
  • Provides learning materials directly into workplaces
  • Encourages people to do things — hence 'environmental practice'
  • Uses interactive e-learning to develop competencies
  • Fits national or international standards

This screen offer does not constitute a contract

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