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Resource Use

Resource use equals doing more with less. Good resource use maximises value while minimizing resource use and adverse environmental impacts.

Good resource use looks at both 'what' and 'how' things are made. Resource use considers not just how things are made, but also what they are made of. It is not enough just to use less energy, it is important where that energy comes from.

graphic: wind energy

Resource use starts with identifying and measuring indicators of both input and output. Good resource use provides better quality goods using less of the environment.

Examples of good resource use include:
* minimising the material intensity of goods and services
* enhancing material recyclables,
* maximising the use of renewable resources and products.

The "Factor 10 Club" argues that the intensity of material and energy use in the economy should be reduced by a factor of ten in industrialised countries over the next 30-50 years, in order halve global CO2 emissions while allowing for continuing economic growth.

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