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Environmental Practice

Environmental Practices are what you do at work to reduce the impacts on the environment. You may have all sorts of thoughts, ideas and suggestions about what to do to improve work impacts on the environment.

It is only when you DO something that you can say you carry out environmental practices. We all need to change the way we do things if we are to reduce environmental impacts.

These environmental practices may be simple - like turning off the light switch, or more complex tasks such as mapping resource flow or helping set realistic targets for reducing waste.

An Environmental Practitioner can be expected to carry out complex tasks that require freedom of movement at work.

Complete Activity 3.1 to identify which principles of environmental protection your organisation follows, and which one you would like to promote most.


When you have identified the environmental principles at work, then you can work out what practices you can carry out to further those principles.

Putting Principles into Practice helps you to decide what sort of practice you could carry out and the environmental principle it reflects.

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