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This CSR Guide helps you see what the CRS logo Click for Home does...which is make an Action Plan for CSR.

Across the top are the Performance Standards covering a range of Social and Environmental Sustainability issues. These correspond with the World Bank Performance Standards for Social & Environmental Sustainaibility.

Each Perfromance Standard opens a a set of Criteria in the left hand navigation to dermine more specifically what you need to do. These Criteria explain the issues and link with other well know sites that explain more.

The first Perfromance Standard refers to setting up a Management System to handle the rest of the Performance Standards. This PS 1 spells out the basic requirments of a management system to deliver improved CSR.

Any management system consists of four main parts. First, Plan what you intend to do. Then implement what you want to do, check what has happened , then finally Act on waht has happened, including reporting to stakeholders.

CRS logo Click for Home takes you through the first part - PLAN, ending up with an "Action Plan".

For each of the Performance Standards (2-8) the Plan elements (below) help develop the Action Plan. After explaining the criteria in each PS, you need to assess aspects of work, how the laws apply, what targets you can set, and make this into an Action Plan. Each Performance Standard has a menu like that below to help you make a Plan for each PS. You use the Action Plans for each PS to make an overall Action Plan.

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& Targets
Programme & Plan

You will then need to implement the plan. This is when you need CSR Implementer.

In the meantime, you can find a summary of how to implement the Action Plans, by continuing to install a CSR System. Go to organisation capacity.