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Systems & Standards 4 Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility Planner..

Examines companies' social and environmental performance.

Uses worldwide performance standards for sustainability to assess progress.

Develops quality systems online to help achieve targets.

Enables stakeholders assess performance and promote improvements.

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This is how, when and where you can use CSR Planner..



Provide quick easy access to, and understanding of, all the Performance Standards requirements

Build a system based on "disclosure of relevant project information, consultation, and informed participation" (PS 1)

Demonstrate conformance/compliance electroncially.

Directors - Direct Strategy, Develop Brand

Managers - Manage policy and people ie System

Allocate roles to other staff at different levels.

Stakeholders interested in Company performance

Communicate quickly and directly

Sing same song throughout organisation(s)

Help everybody see relation with each other.

Managers (4) set up systems electronically

Skilled staff -  carry out Assessments and help implment Action Plans.

WWWeb - Submit contributions to online database that others can interogate.

Everytime and everywhere is different,. Assessment whether it is acceptable in terms of social and environmental sustainability.

Exchange experiences, collect good practice, compare (benchmark), measure progress (targets) and demonstrate continuous improvement, anytime anywhere.

This CSR Planner sets out a consistent approach applicable for a wide range of companies and organisations.
This Free Version of CSR Planner has some functions disabled -
eg copying web files.
The Action Plans are enabled

Index 1, 2, 3

to World Bank Standards..