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Advanced - Level 3

Staff who have the freedom to move round at work are considered Level 3. They are not supervised and have sufficinet "autonomy" to make a range of decisions about the day to day running of the organisation.

This may include Estates Officers, H&S Officers, Personnel Officers, Lab workers and some skilled workers as well as Trade Union Representatives. Many now expect to have some responsibility for environmental matters. Some may be called "Environmental Champions" or "Environmental Representatives".

You can see the range of skills that can be expected by looking at what these people can do in relation to health and safety.

These staff will be to help translate management policies into practical actions. This may involve developing communications, producing procedures, carrying out an environmental risk assessment, and helping set and achieve targets appropriate for their area.

In order to spell out what training they require, EP@W has developed their Environmental Skills Framework. This identifies the learning and skills needed at an Advanced level (vocationally Level 3).

"Staff with Environmental Responsibilities" may wish to carry out the following Advanced Actitvities:

  1. Environmental Risk Assessment
  2. Help Set and Achieve targets
  3. Communicate (from Ag H&S 3)
  4. Produce Procedures, based on
  5. Best Environmental Practices

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