Skilled Workers...

Supervisors, union representatives and other skilled workers are often overlooked in 'systems' terms, yet are usually crucial to the success of an organistion in improving health, safety and environmental performance. They are often called names like: 'key drivers', 'champions', 'practioners' and 'representatives'.

These people, who do not have the responsibility of managers, but do not work under supervision, and have the freedom to move about at work in vocational terms are Level 3.

People at this level can be expected to carry out quite complex tasks. Qualifications are said to be equivalent to 'A' level in academic terms. Colleges are full of people trying to gain awards and qualifications at this level as it is one of the main paths to progress.

Using existing management systems and National Occupational Standards, it is possible to work out what people at this level can be expected to do. Obviously this is partly determined by the culture of the organisation and how clearly roles and responsibilities are allocated, but there appear to be clear generic skills to help promote sustainability.

Skilled workers, supervisors or union representatives can:

  • Put policies into practice
  • Carry out H S&E risk assessments
  • Contribute to targets using control procedures
  • Communicate relevant issues to appropriate people.

EP@W provides 3 learning programmes for people at this level:

Risk Assessment,

Environmental Practitioner Programme

Promote Sustainable Development

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