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Environmental Managment Responsibilities

Environmental skills are not defined by legal requirements. They arise more from the requirements of Environmental Management System standards such as ISO 14001 and the EU EMAS scheme.

From these systems it is clear what managers need to do. They have to evaluate policies, identify and gain commitment for improving environmental performance and then monitor and audit the performance.

Employee Roles

However the systems are less clear when it comes to determing roles of all other employees in relation to the system requirements. ISO 14001 (Clause 4.4.2) requires all staff to be "aware " of

" the importance of conformance with policies and procedures (4.4.2 a)... and their roles and responsibilities in that process" (4.4.2 c).

[our programme 'EASE' helps to demonstrate awareness of these requirements]

Awareness: 'Awareness' is difficult to demonstrate. Only certain people are needed to demonstrate their competence.

"personnel performing the tasks which can cause significant environmental impacts to be competent" (4.4.2)

Active involvement:The Eco-Managment Audit Scheme (EMAS), based on EU Regulation, is different. It requires:

" the active involvement of employees in the organisation and appropriate initial and advanced training that makes active participation in the establishment of an environmental system. Where they so request, any employee represen tatives shall also be involved."

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