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Environmental Practice @ Work
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  Do it with EASE...


Environmental Awareness
Scheme for Employees.


EASE provides the training and awareness requirements for Environmental Management Systems (EMSs), such as ISO 14001 or EMAS.

EASE is activity-based. Each employee carries out a series of activities, interactions and quizes - while online, that demonstrate compliance. Each person finishes with a "submit" button that can inform you of completion. Thus EASE provides an audit trail to demonstrate who is "aware" of the EMS requirements.

All employees who complete EASE show they are aware of:

  • Conformance with policy
  • General EMS requirements
  • Impacts of their work
  • Benefits of improved personal performance
  • Roles & responsiblities
  • Procedural issues.

There are a number of versions:

1. The most popular version of EASE fulfills the requirements of ISO 14001: 2004 edition and has extra "support" navigation bar built in. This has 'search', guide for trainers, and memos for managers to help employees. Have a look at this new EASE 2005 version. If you want CD's of this to be able to distribute at work, please go to our shop on EBay

2. A major NHS Trust asked us to produce an online version of to comply with the NHS Environmental Management Standard and, in particular, Criterion 7 that requires "appropriate training relevant to the achievement of environmental policies, objectives and targets".

3. A hardcopy programme is available (as pdf) for you to download and copy.You can buy a licence to copy the quantity you require and then Log in with your user name and password.


We will be happy to customise EASE to meet specific needs of your organisation, including logos, colouring, team photos, and specific aspects of work. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

EASE fits in with the overall learning agenda of many companies, and thus may offer opportunities for employees for Continuing Professional Develeopment (CPD). More on Learning by Doing.