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Most National Vocational Qualifications and their related NOSs include some element of health and safety.

However the most important generic National Occupational Standards for anybody at work to develop Health and Safety skills are those produced by Employment National Training Organisation for a Health & Safety Practitioner.

Employment NTO National Occupational Standards (NOSs)

Following consultation, the SSC considered that a range of independent 'stand alone' units, covering a range of health and safety issues, would be preferable. Many people may want to take one or two units, rather than having to cover all aspects. They was also a request to include something 'for the environment'.

Nine Units of Revised Version (2007) ENTO H&S NOSs

Employment NTO health and safety (H&S) Units
HSS1 Make sure your own actions reduce risks to health and safety
HSS2 Develop procedures to safely control work operations
HSS3 Monitor procedures to safely control work operations
HSS4 Promote a healthy and safe culture in the workplace
HSS5 Investigate and evaluate health and safety incidents and complaints inthe workplace
HSS6 Conduct a health and safety risk assessment of a workplace
HSS7 Make sure your own actions within the workplace aim to protect theenvironment
HSS8 Review health & safety procedures in workplaces
HSS9 Supervise the health, safety and welfare of a learner in the workplace

Several Awarding Bodies have produced awards and qualifications related to these Units. In particular, a consortium of SSCs & Awarding Bodies worked with the Health & Safety Executive Agriculture to develop these NOSs into vocational awards, appropriate for land-based industry.

We have developed E-learning materials to conform to the Level 2 H&S qualifications in Agriculture/Horticulture


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