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Many organisations are introducing 'quality' management systems as a way to control their processes and product. These have been developed to control other aspects of work, in particular the environment, health and safety, and food hygiene.

All the systems are based on the same fundamental steps: Plan Do Check Act.

Plan: Identify & Analyse The Problem

Do: Identify and Implement Solution

Check: Evaluate the results

Act: Adopt system changes and look for new opportunities

The internationally recognised systems for quality, health and safety and for environment develop these steps into the following process:

Review: Check the legal requirements and present arrangements for health and safety or environment

Policy: Gain commitment in the form of a policy laying out the main aims and responsibilities

Organise: Determine who is going to be involved and what they can do

Targets: Set achievable and meaningful targets

Implement: Put systems in place

Check: Measure and monitor progress

Promote: Review and look for continual improvement

Standards are set up the requirements for these systems by national and internationally recognised bodies, such as ISO and BSI

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