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People who work under supervisions, or who work in teams, are considered as 'Intermediate' or Level 2 in vocational terms. Many people at this level chip, clip, cut, cook, or count various parts of the environment. They are in a good position to see how things are done and how more use could be made of resources.

EP@W worked with the UK government's Action Energy Programme, the Sector Skills Council SEMTA, and other partners to produce training materials for all staff to achieve a national award called "Environmental Effectiveness". Following the accreditation of about 30 candidates, their suggestions for improvements were costed and it was found that on average they saved their companies about £2000 EACH. Full report of 1st UK Pilot (pdf).

Clearly people at this level are much more capable of making HS& E improvements than either "wearing their goggles" or "switching the light off". Look at this list of possible actions at this level. Using existing management systems and National Occupational Standards, it is possible to work out what people at this level can be expected to do at work in relation to H,S & Environment.

All staff should be able to:

  • Demonstrate their role in the company with regard to health & safety, environment or sustainable development.
  • Use appropriate measures to control the risks, and reduce negative social, economic or environmental impacts of their work.
  • Promote a positive culture, through co-operation and communication.

EP@W has written several environmental learning programmes for all staff:

Start Environmental Practice & Develop Environmental Culture

Environmental Awareness Scheme for Employees - EASE

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