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What people need to do at work is determined by UK national standards of competence. Competences are the skills and knowledge required to carry out specified tasks. National Occupational Standards of competence are developed by Sector Skills Councils (previously National Training Organisations: NTOs).

The National Occupational Standards(NOSs) are produced, by SSCs,with key stakeholders in industry. They define ranges of actions to demonstrate competence for particular functions at work.

These NOSs are used for three purposes. They

  • Provide the basis for Awarding Bodies to generate awards and qualifications through the QCA/SQA.
  • Define the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) for the particular job.
  • Identify useful competences to encourage Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

One of the aims of SSCs is to
"take the lead..." in particular they will give employees ...confidence that: sustainable development and rising public expectations are being assessed accurately and professionally.

There are as yet no NOSs for Sustainable Development. However, three SSC's, LANTRA, Employment NTO, SEMTA, have produced NOSs for a range of roles in improving health and safety and environment. These existing NOS's can help determine new sustainablity skills.

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