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Environmental Conservation

Environmental Conservation is more than preserving and valuing wild spaces such as Nature Reserves. It is supporting and protecting natural communities in ways that encourage wildlife thereby contributing to biodiversity.

Environmental Conservation on a global scale aims to address issues of endangered species and their habitats. At regional levels there are issues relating to sites of special scientific interest. Locally you may be concerned with the scarcity of songbirds.

Visit World Wildlife Fund for what is happening on a global scale at: http://www.panda.org/

For regional and local issues in the UK check out RSNC where you will find a wildlife trust for your region: http://www.rsnc.org/welcome.php

Protecting the environment requires your stewardship. You can undertaking projects such as landscaping designed to encourage wildlife or practice simple measures like feeding birds in winter.

The three key features you need to consider are how to provide:
food, water & shelter PopUpFact
By practicing environmental conservation and demonstrating stewardship some of the pressures on our wildlife caused by intensive farming and the increase in the use of land for roads and housing can be reduced.


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