Ten Minute Tour of
Environmental Practioner Programme

This short programme tour is designed as a 'snapshot' of the extensive Environmental Practitioner Programme and shows initial screens from selected sections of information. We hope this gives you a feel for the style and content, contact us for further information.

The tour demonstrates how an environmental practitioner can be motivated through developing environmental awareness of the problems, checking out relevant information to carrying out an environmental risk assessment, then planning to reduce environmental impacts, and finally promoting the wider vision of sustainable development.

Before you start you may like to test your knowledge about environmental matters at work with an interactive quiz.

The tour starts with the contents of the first of 3 Units of learning. From here we have selected the section Major Environmental Impacts and the specific impacts on atmosphere,

You will find that there are 'pop up's' that give you a 'factoid' and 'more info' buttons that lead to further in depth information - here concerning climate change. Throughout the programme you can access other relevant outside web sites. We have permission to link with over 60 other organisations.

At each stage, there are activities to translate the text into learning by doing. E.g We introduce the rpogramme with the concept of how all our actions impact at local, regional and global levels with Activity 1.1 . You work out the possible impacts when carrying out an everyday activity - making a cup of tea. As you progress the activities become progressively more practical and workplace related. There are guides for each unit, a site_map to aid navigation, comprehensive glossary and other tools such as search engines.

The next unit equips potential practitioners with ways to help managers of environmental management systems. One of the first things to do is clarify the meaning of "aspects" and "impacts", so there is an interactive drop and drag game to help your understanding.

There are layers of information about energy, waste, transport and food, and environmental law to help you carry out an environmental risk assessment. This is used to set targets against indicators and measure progress.

U nit 3 turns environmental policies into work practices and is based on a set of nine principles for environmental improvement. One of the principles is Environmental Management, where you can take a quiz to test your EM knowledge. People check out how principles become practices and then take steps to carry out environmental practices - hence the name of the Environmental Practitioner Programme.

All our online materials are written for competence-based assessment and have been piloted among small, medium and large companies. The materials have been written to comply where possible with existing national training standards (see the national environment training framework), or for internal continuing professional development. The Environmental Practitioner Programme is suitable for candidates at Advanced Level (or level 3 in NVQ speak).

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