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  Environmental Practitioner Programme...

The Environmental Practitioner Programme aims to develop skills at work for implementing better environmental practices.

Environmental Practitioner is somebody, like a safety practitioner, whom employers rely on and employees relate with. The key function of a practitioner is to improve work practices that reduce negative environmental impacts. In order to do that, a practitioner needs new environmental competences - the skills, knowledge and understanding to perform these new practices.

This programme is particularly appropriate for people at work with some autonomy and some responsibility for various environmental functions. Team leaders, supervisors, union representatives and 'champions' are ideally placed to become environmental practitioners.

Environmental Practitioner Programme contains accurate up to the minute information linked to in-depth material and further reliable web resources on all aspects of environment issues, environmental principles and work-related practices. This is a comprehensive resource for anyone wishing to know more about the environment and its relationship to work activities. Throughout the programme are activities to carry out at work, developing skills and building competences in environmental practices. We include quizzes to help the learning process.

On completion of the Environmental Practitioner ProgrammeTM people will be able to put environmental principles and policies into practices within the workplace: During the programme of three units of about 25 hours each, they will:

Unit 1 Develop Environmental Awareness

  • Review global environmental issues
  • Investigate the drivers for environmental improvement
  • Explore the dynamics of your organisation
  • Recognise environmental issues and how they may interact with the workplace.

Unit 2 Undertake Environmental Assessment

  • Check workplace performance
  • Carry out environmental risk assessment
  • Contribute to targets and indicators.

Unit 3 Commence Environmental Improvement

  • Recognise Environmental Principles
  • Put environmental principles into practice
  • Use tools for environmental improvement
  • Implement changes

The Environmental Practitioner Programme was developed in response to the World Health Organisation declaration made at the Third Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health, London, 16-18 June 1999 when ministers invited the WHO and International Labour Organisation to "develop processes for the implementation of environmental practices." Full declaration in pdf

The Environmental Practitioner Programme was formally adopted by the GMB - Britain's general union, at their Biennial Conference in 2002. In the future we would like to update the programme, as we consider the activities are more relevant today for organisations wishing to put environmental policies into practice.

This programme is available now for you to log into with your epaw user name and password.

Try out the One Hour Taster of this extensive high quality on-line environmental learning programme. OR

Start Environmental Practice
These on-line foundation materials are suitable for people working under supervision who may wish to progress to levels 2/3. The activities are intended to provide evidence for completion of the National Award 'Start Environmental Practice @ Work' offered by The Open College of the North West. Performace Criteria are quoted with OCNW permission. If you intend to offer their course you need to contact OCNW tel: +44 (0)1524 845046

The Learning Outcomes for the 2-day Course are for participants to:

  • Identify the main environmental issues and how work activities contribute them
  • Assess main environmental impacts
  • Propose reductions to the environmental impact of their work
  • Participate in the process of sustainable development.

This programme is available now for you to log into with your epaw user name and password.

Contact us to purchase a user licence to put any of these programmes on your network with your own colours..

For full report of the pilots testing the Environmental Practitioner ProgrammeTM in a wide range of work situations.