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  Sustainable Development Projects...

One of our Directors made Sustainable Development the subject of her Masters Thesis. Her action research was to see whether sustainable skills can be developed and delivered on the shopfloor.

Our other Director was a member of the Working Group on Sustainable Development of the National Training Organisation's National Committee. The main aim of this work was to encourage NTO's (as they were then) to take up sustainable development. Various SD indicators were being developed before the NTOs changed.

EP@W was commissioned to write the first draft of one of the SDEP Workplace Sustainable Development Education Learning Guides. We wrote the early version of the Guide for Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) outlining their important role the vital role they play in helping business meet the sustainable challenge. For more see SDEP Page and latest work with SSCs.

Advisory Committee
One of our Directors is a member of the Education and Skills Working Group of the government's Trade Union Sustainable Development Advisory Committee. This Committee sees the development of workplace sustainablity skills as a key area of their work, and claims that it "..can reach the parts others can't" in promoting sustainable development. Latest news

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