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 EP@W Projects.....

EP@W is involved with a range of projects at local, regional, national and international level.

Co-operative Retail. On-line ethical audit and pesticide reduction programme for growers, suppliers, Co-op own brand ready meal providers and horticulture / fresh flower producers.
We have developed a comprehensive ethical toolkit to help all those in the Co-operative supply chain invovlved in providing fresh produce and ingredients for ready meals. This toolkit supports those in the supply chain with up to date information about Ethical Base Code. and access to ways of reducing pesticide usage in line with the Co-operative Code of Practice. Suppliers records are input into a central database from where the Co-operative managers can monitor and manage and demonstrate control of fresh produce from the field to the table. Check out the Co-operative methodology

Health & Safety
EP@W developed for the World Health Organisation (WHO) European Regional Office of 'Healthy Workplaces' an online guide for managers in small workplaces. The guide is the Health, Environment, Safety and Social Management in Enterprises (HESME). We call it "Workplace Well-Being". We have permission from WHO to host this mirror site.

Our Director, Dr Charlie Clutterbuck, has also been working with the Health & Safety Executive (Agriculture) and the farmworkers and farmers union to develop a series of competencies and qualications for people working on farms to demonstrate health and safety skills. See Health and Safety Practices for more. We are working with LANTRA Awards to develop online learning and support for the level 3 qualification and in mid 2008 published level 2 H&S online learning to international SCORM standards

We are developing online Pesticide Reduction Guides for suppliers to Cooperative Retail and Sainsbury's to demonstrate how they are reducing pesticide use. In the future we want to develop online materials to conform with the proposed EU Directive on Sustainable use of Pesticides, which requires Member States to provide access to training in the principles of Integrated Pesticide Management for all in the supply chain. We are developing an online pesticide toolkit for members, representatives and officers in International Union of Foodworkers

candidate at work EP@W was involved with the delivery of the first pilot vocational award 'Environmental Effectiveness' carried out in the NW of England with candidtaes from 11 SMEs. This demonstrated how supervised workers can make savings to the planet and their organisation - averaged savings of £2000 each. See "EP@W Report of NW Pilot"

Sustainable Food
The idea for a Sustainable Food Guide came from work we undertook for IKEA - among top 20 restauranters in the world! We helped train their food purchasing managers from around the world, on what to ask for and how to communicate with their customers about the values of food that go beyond minimal legal requirements. For more Sustainable Food Project

Food and Nutrition
Dr Charlie Clutterbuck is an adviser to the World Health Organisation on their worldwide programme "Food & Nutrition Policies and Plans". See Manual for Decision makers (pdf).

Learning Skills
EP@W has produced two reports for the UK government's Action Energy Programme outlining the workplace Learning Skills to encourage Energy Efficiency and Environment Protection. Drafts of both reports are available on request .

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