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Sustainable Food is a new term created to respond to the increasing pressures to promote more sustainable farming.

One of our Directors, Dr. Charlie Clutterbuck, has been involved in related projects over many years. He has co-authored two books about food and farming - "More Than We Can Chew" and "P is for Pesticides" and is now an Honorary Research Fellow of the new Food Policy Unit at City University.

He trained the national food purchasing managers of a well known international DIY company, that is also a major restauranter. The courses outlined what managers needed to ask for, who to approach and how to ensure that food provision goes beyond minimal legal requirements.

It was as a result of this experience that we thought there may be many more food providers who want to do more than follow the basic requirements of law and help promote sustainable food - hence the online Sustainable Food Guide.

Latest Sustainable Food News

If you have an interesting project in this area and want to involve us, (and it doesn't involve match funding!).........
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