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  Promote sustainable Development...

'What Skilled Workers could do.

We have extended the requirements of a good management system for sustainability to the next level in an organisation.

Our programme "Promote Sustainable Development" is aimed at people at work like skilled workers, supervisors and union representatives. They are well placed to inform the 'social' element and may be expected to carry out quite complex tasks to help promote company and government targets for sustainable development.

In the absence of National Occupational Standards (NOSs), our programme "Promote Sustainable Development" develops the sorts of skills found in other NOSs including "Promote health and safety culture" (Employment NTO). The aims of this on-line learning programme, 'Promote Sustainable Development', are to equip key employees with the tools to suggest 'sustainable' improvements - those which balance social, environmental and economic interests.

This programme is suitable for team leaders, supervisors and people working in Local Authority and Government Offices, many of who may responsible for promoting sustainable development. Promote Sustainable Development' links the workplace with other outside stakeholders, from local to international level. Participants are guided through who the key players are, so as to identify possible partners.

graphic: group Programme
The 25-hour Programme provides tools to analyse progress and suggest long term improvements. The programme uses existing Indicators and national and international targets. It proposes Life Cycle Analysis and Eco Design as some of the tools to make sustainable improvements. The programme helps you identify potential partners - the key feature for world progress according to the World Summit on Sustainable Development (EP@W Summary of WSSD).

On completion of this programme people will be able to:

  • Describe sustainable development
  • Evaluate current performance of organisation
  • Develop tools of analysis
  • Use indicators of sustainable development
  • Develop partnership process
  • Promote culture of sustainable development
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This programme is available now Promote Sustainable Development @ Work

This will soon be available to purchase on CD from our new EBay Shop, opening Nov '08

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