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1. World Standards for Sustainability. On May Day this year, the investment arm of the World Bank introduced Policies and Performance Standards for Social and Environmental Sustainability for prospective clients. These are the most comprehensive and active set of standards for sustainability. Find out more about Corporate Social Responsibility - try our CSR quiz

2. Big thanks to all those that have linked to our Sustainable Food @ Work site taking it up to No 2 in Google worldwide (for "sustainable food"). Months ago we were in top 20 and asked you to link, so some of you must have responded!

3. Pesticides: EPAW has gained contracts with 2 major food retailers to develop on-line pesticide management programmes. These programmes aim to ensure supplies of fresh fruit and vegetables are produced with minimal pesticide use. Dr Charlie Clutterbuck, our director and member of the government's Advisory Committee on Pesticides, is assisting with putting their explanatory document Guide to Pesticide Regulation (pdf) into an online format.
Try our Pesticide Quiz.

4. Check your organisation with Sustainable Procurement Test produced by Sustainable Development Commission (SDC).

5 . Employment NTO are arranging a series of workshops to discuss & promote health and safey vocational qualifications. Click ENTO Meetings. More at www.healthandsafetypractices.co.uk

6 . New Level 2 Qualifaction "Developing Environmental Awareness" from Open College North West. Contact QCA Accreditation Number: 100/5675/0) Email them for details .

7. If you havent already... check out www.green.tv