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 Environmental Practice at Work Learning...

EP@W materials talk about 'learning' rather than 'training' - we want to focus on the learner rather than the trainer.

Learning occurs in both educational and vocational settings. The educational world is about thinking, while the vocational world is about doing. Our learning materials explore the relations between these two worlds of education (thinking) and vocation (doing)

Active learning gets people to do things, instead of just receiving information. People at work are always doing something with the environment. They cut, clean, chop, chip, clarify, classify, and control lumps of the environment all the time. That is how the products we want get made. While they are doing things with environment, they can learn much more about that environment. For more Active.

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E-learning is about using information technologies like the internet to develop new ways of learning. We all learn in different ways and for different reasons. Sometimes we may not have access to standard classroom teaching provided by colleges or training centres. Perhaps our job or other commitments mean we have to learn at different times. And that is where the worldwide web is opening up all sorts of opportunities. Hence our concentration on web based learning materials. We hope our materials stimulate, entertain, encourage and educate. For more E-learning.

Blending learning mixes face-to-face methods with e-learning techniques. See Blended. All our learning materials require support from trainers, tutors and teachers. We always set out clear "aims" of what we are trying to do in the long term. Then we spelliout what somebody completing the online programme could be expected to do at the end. This helps all supporters sing from the same song sheet.

Try our short quiz to see what you need to learn to be environmentally aware.

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