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We have been  improving our web site making it easier to access our on-line programmes, quizes and support for developing skills for sustainability.  For ages, we knew that the site was "scrunched up", but needed the time to rebuild. It is now nearly done. Have a look at the new www.epaw.co.uk

Health and Safety Practices
We have also opened up a new site healthandsafetypractices.co.uk. In the last few months, several new vocational related qualifications for health and safety have been published. This site provides the setting and support to promote a range of skills for health and safety.

TUC /CBI Conference 
 Conference for policy makers on Sustainable Energy Policy for the UK  wil be held on Feb 28  at Congress House (free - and Official Dinner with British Council for  Sustainable Energy 100)  More in flyer (pdf )    

EU Green Week
EU Green Week this year Green Week  30 May - June 2 ...will be Climate neutral  The EU has also produced a working document on the links between Economic Policies and Environmental Policies (pdf)  

Spring and Sprays
The Advisory Committee on Pestcides has responded to the Royal Commissionon Environmental Pollution's report on Crop Spraying and Residents.  You can find out about Charlie 's role at ACP site, where he mentions the Green Code - published this week.