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  Sustainable Food Guide...

The EP@W on-line Sustainable Food Guide helps food providers create a market for more sustainable farming, processing and distribution.

The Sustainable Food Guide is for people who may be responsible for food purchasing in the organisation. This may be a food manager, caterer, restaurateur, or pub landlord- somebody who acts on behalf of their customers and can thus influence and support sustainable initiatives.

In addition to this Guide check out our Sustainable Food Awareness Programme. This is an introduction to sustainable food suitable for all employees, students and others who wish to learn what sustainable food is all about. Try out the sample - click logo
UK government
UK policy wants "millions of daily meals more sustainable". The public sector bodies are being asked to pursue sustainable development objectives in their contracts for food and catering services.

This SF Guide helps buyers to ask questions of suppliers. Bulk buyers can provide the bridge to link between powerful retailers and individual consumers. They will go beyond the minimum requirements of law, which may prevent the worst excesses but do not promote best practices.

Sustainable Food
The SFG sets out an easy way to examine issues of sustainable food in order to determine what to do. The Guide summarises the main issues and involves the relevant laws, codes and standards, in order to help plan what to do. It uses familiar quality system methods to set up processes to promote sustainable foods.

On completion of this Sustainable Food Guide people should be able to:

  • Review sustainable food issues
  • Determine SF policy
  • Involve others
  • Set targets
  • Implement changes
  • Check progress
  • Promote sustainable food.

Find out latest on UK Government drive to promote Sustainable Food.

Browse through the Sustainable Food Guide freely available for a limited time whilst under construction

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