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  Workplace Wellbeing...

'Workplace Wellbeing' aims to assist managers who need the support of skilled workers to implement Health, Environment & Safety issues together.

Workplace Wellbeing Guide was developed to International Health, Environment and Safety guidelines and was authored by EP@W for the World Health Organisation (WHO) European Regional Office of 'Healthy Workplaces'. It aims to promote Health, Environment, Safety and Social Management in Enterprises (HESSME). We have permission to host this copy which is freely available on-line.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of Workplace Wellbeing, people should be able to:

  • Integrate Health Promotion, Occupational Health & Safety, and Environmental Management issues at work
  • Review state of health and environment
  • Carry out Risk Assessment
  • Set targets for improvement
  • Implement actions to achieve targets
  • Report outcomes
  • Plan continual improvement
  • Involve other employees in improvements.
Visit Workplace Wellbeing freely available on-line.

We will customise the information in this programme to meet your specific requirements.