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CO2 Contamination

Who contaminates the atmosphere with carbon dioxide the most?

In the UK, the climate change impact of individuals' annual travel is, on average, equivalent to 5.25 tonnes of carbon dioxide. A few people are responsible for a disproportionately large share of the total according to Transport Studies Unit. They found that over 60 per cent of all travel emissions come from individuals in the top 20 per cent of 'emitters', while only 1 per cent of emissions came from those in the bottom 20 per cent.

This high emitters group is mostly made up of employed men in high income groups (earning over £40,000 per year). They earn around four times as much as low earners and produce on average almost four times as much carbon dioxide emissions.

Air travel accounts for 70 per cent of personal travel carbon emissions. Individuals classified as being in the top tenth of emitters, are responsible for producing 19.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, from their flying alone. This compares with any future carbon allowance scheme which would probably be based upon two tonnes per person.

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CO2 Emitters

Absolute Totals

Progress Report on CO2 Emissions..Any more up to date?

Sector: Agriculture...

UK..Food 25%, Transport 25%, Construction 25%

Transport - Plane/mile, Rail/mile, Ship, Car..

Chemical - NXO = 300X than CO2 . ?Hexaflouride 25,000X

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