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Carbon Counting Database.

Environmental Practice at Work invite you to join our Carbon Counting Club

We have set up a database of questions where you may input information and ideas on how to count carbon and carbon related issues. During the development phase access will remain freely available in the public domain and we invite you to comment and suggest other pertinent questions.

One of the current problems facing the challenge to 'count carbon' is that there are no 'right questions' - a new way of analysing a product's life cycle and comparing it with like-products is needed.

Once the data base is completed we will ask that a small annual charge be paid for membership and password to help maintain the site. In exchange we will give members access to an interrogation screen to view submitted answers and ideas. Members will also be able to submit questions and hopefully find useful answers.

We believe this database will become a valuable tool for sharing information and developing carbon counting systems.

We look forward to your contributions ..

To see ongoing developments and current Carbon Club questions:

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