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Global Warming

Climate Change

Finite Fossil Fuels

Alternative Energy



Carbon Ownershsip

CO2 Contamination

Carbon Culture

"We have got to do something about our energy strategy because if we permit the climate to continue to warm at an unsustainable rate, and if we keep on doing what we’re doing 'til we’re out of oil ...
it’s inconceivable to me that .. the world won’t be much fuller of resource-based wars of all kinds." 
Bill Clinton June 2006

Counting Carbon
People everywhere are starting to count carbon. There will be many debates about what and how to count carbon in relation to concerns about climate change and fossil fuel use. This site sets out to:
- Explain why and how to “count carbon
- Use our Carbon Counting Toolkit to help organisations count their carbon contribution
- Provide up to date information about the main issues involved,
- Link with each other through the Carbon Counting Club

Carbon Counting
Suddenly, everybody is quoting figures about carbon here there and everywhere...Click for recent examples.
Carbon Footprint
People are talking about their “carbon footprint” and what they intend to do to make it smaller
Carbon Labelling
2/3 of consumers want to know the carbon footprint of products. Carbon Trust launch label and TESCO & UKERC to develop methodology 
Carbon Molecules
All environmental issues are being reduced to carbon and its dioxide. Luckily, carbon through its millions of magic molecules connects the two big concerns of climate change and finite fossil fuels.
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Organisations are major players and will have to organise better to reduce carbon emissions. More.
Become a carbon counter.
Carbon Contenders
Many people are trying to do something positive about carbon use & emissions. Here is our asssessement of who is doing what - Carbon Contenders

Nominate your own carbon contenders

Carbon Emissions
The UK is the first government to set legal limits on UK carbon emissions. There will be a new independent body to monitor emissions. UK Carbon Dioxide emissions went up in 2006 by 1%! More on emissions trading
Carbon Toolkit
We set out a series of steps for people to count carbon in organisations. Use our CC Toolkit, so everybody can see what collective endeavours are going on, what to do and to check progress.
Take the first Step, Click footprint graphic: footprint
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